Exbin is a pastebin clone written in Elixir/Phoenix. You can find the source code here on github. The current version is 0.1.8.


If you create a paste it will be only visible for the people you show the link to. Each link is generated with a horesebatterystaple kind of identifier, so it’s not impossible to guess an identifier. Note that you can make a paste public, which will make it appear publicly. The pastes are hidden by default, unless you opt-in to publishing it publicly.


Pastes are stored indefinitely, unless they are marked as “ephemeral”. In that case they are removed approximately 1 hour after creation.


Exbin also support netcatting a textfile. Suppose you are configuring some server and you quickly want to get data out to your other workstation. You can pipe the file to Exbin, and manually type over an easy-to-read URL. For example cat myfile.txt | nc exbin.call-cc.be 9999 will return a URL to your console which you can type over. All these pastes are private, of course!